Economic and Social Council

The Economic and Social Council (also known as ECOSOC) is one of the six main organs of the UN, as established in the Charter of 1946. It is the main UN body regarding the coordination and review of international economic and social policies. ECOSOC has 54 members elected by the General Assembly for 3 year terms.


  • Promotion and implementation of open government in developing countries
  • Addressing 5G and its possible impact on the global digital gap

Meet your chairs:

Emma Leeuwenhoek

Hey Everyone!

I am Emma Zoë Leeuwenhoek, 20 years old, I am a second year at EUC, majoring in International Law and I am half Polish and Dutch. I am very excited to start this adventure with you. Personally I have been doing MUN for about 5 years now, and have organised my first conference this year which was very exciting. But now I just want to focus on being your chair this year!

Something fun to know about me is that I was born in Rotterdam but moved to Italy at 12 after I moved to Belgium, now finally back in Rotterdam. I love, love any form of crime shows. I can be strict but as well nice, but we will for sure have fun!!

Khayot Khalikov

Greetings from sunny Uzbekistan 🇺??!

I am Khayot Khalikov, a level-6 Commercial Law student at Westminster International University in Tashkent. Currently, I am the President of the WIUT Research Society which operates under the Research and Development Dean`s Office at WIUT as well as the Secretary General of WIUT Students` Union.

I have served as the General Manager as well as Vice-President of International Model United Nations several times. I am an easy going, open-minded, enthusiastic young diplomat with excellent charisma who always transforms optimism to others. Having an experience of chairing 20+ International Model United Nations, Youth Summits, Forums and Conferences, I have a burning desire to share my knowledge and experience with other delegates so as to promote quality education, eternal peace and transnational cooperation worldwide.

Wishing you best of Luck,


Khayot Khalikov

Tetiana Tovstenko

Hi everyone! My name is Tetiana (or Tania).

I am originally from Ukraine, currently residing in Poland after graduating with the BA degree in International Relations and Area Studies.

3 years ago I took part in my first MUN conference, which was JagIMUN 2017, which was my home university MUN. After that I became a Polish-MUN-wonderer, who was a mainly photographer-videographer at multiple MUNs across the country, up until the point I become a Direct General of JagIMUN 2018. It was a big leap, so afterwards I had even chaired – and I liked it! 

MUNOTH will be my first chairing experience outside Poland, so let’s see how we will work it out. I am currently in my gap year, so I will be happy to fit in during those student gatherings.

More about me? Slavic, mixing 2, sometimes 3 languages at a time and bringing up my culture wherever I go. I will be happy to chat about cybersec governance, project management and some bad TV shows. 

I hope the time at MUNOTH will be a useful life-long experience to many more ambitious young people, who will come, debate, network and enjoy the time spent together! 

See you soon!

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