European Council

The European Council is the meeting of Heads of State or Government of the European Union. The role of the European Council is to provide the political direction of the Union in general matters and therefore it does not implement legislation but just directives, which are usually approved by consensus, meaning that each member state has the power to veto a decision.

Topics :

  • Unifying the response to cybercrime
  • Reforming the rules on geoblocking

Meet your chairs :

Anna Lisa Schäfer-Gehrau

Karen Sturm

Karen is 22 years old and in her final year for her Bachelors in European Studies at Maastricht University. She was born and raised in Berlin but also calls Canada her dear home. Karen was introduced to the world of MUN at her first year at university, enabling her to visit cities such as Tel Aviv, Barcelona and London. MUNOTH 2020 will be her second time at the conference and she is very excited to be back and to chair the European Council. Besides being a MUN-enthusiast, she loves traveling, watching any binge-worthy Netflix show, and also the occasional beer or two. 

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