Historical Security Council

The United Nations Security Council is one of the six main organs of the United Nations and is the only organ able to take binding decisions. The organ is composed by 5 permanent members (so called P5), China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and 10 non-permanent members which are elected for a 2-years term by the General Assembly. Each member has a single vote, but each member of the P5 has the possibility to veto decisions.

Topic: The situation in Rwanda 1994

Meet your chairs:

Aleksa Stojanovic

Aleksa was born in Belgrade, Serbia. He is a second-year student of Law at the University of Belgrade. He discovered his passion for MUN at his first conference, BIMUN (Belgrade International Model United Nations), in March 2017. Since then he has participated in many conferences both as a delegate and a chair. He is an active member of the UN Club at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. Beyond his love of international relations, politics, law and history, he loves reading, learning languages, binge watching TV shows, travelling, playing tabletop games and, of course, partying.

Diego Sanchez

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to MUNOTH 2020! It will be an honour to serve you as your Chair, jointly with Aleksa, in the Historical Security Council, 1994.

When I discovered back in 2013 my passion for MUN, I suddenly realised it would certainly become my path to learn, live and enjoy the essence of international law and geopolitics. As a chair and as a delegate, the friendships made and the experiences kept in each conference truly, continue inspiring me to enjoy the enriching and unique world of MUN.

Nonetheless, apart from writing study guides and chairing conferences, I cannot miss any chance to escape the routine. Whether jogging next to the sea, writing papers on international law, participating in debates or procrastinating on Netflix, perfectly resume my fantastic hobbies.

Feel free to let me know any queries you may have and will promptly reply to the best of my abilities.

Look forward to meeting you in The Hague!

Kind Regards,


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