Human Rights Council

The Human Rights Council (also known as HRC) is an inter-governmental body within the UN system. It is composed of 47 members elected to 3 year terms. The HRC is tasked not only with promoting the implementation of human rights around the world, but is also responsible for overseeing their implementation and providing recommendations to member states.


  • The issue of sexual harassment from UN peacekeepers
  • The human rights situation in the Lake Chad Basin

Meet your chairs:

Chloe Hadjiantoniou

My name is Chloe Hjiantoniou and I study International Relations and Organizations at Leiden University. I am from Cyprus and have been involved with MUN for 4 years in many different roles, from delegate to chair to mentor. Every MUN experience has given me a new love for international relations and lobbying and debating. Growing up in a country that was continuously occupied by different foreign conquerors, one question always incurred in my head “why didn’t we have a say in it?”, hence my immense interest in the “behind the scenes” negotiations that occur both in the domestic but also the international politics realm. I hope as chair of this conference to be able to give delegates a simulation of that “behind the scenes” scenario with high quality debates and controversial topics that stimulate the need for intense negotiation and thought for all parties involved.

Howard Cheng-Hao Shen

Hi everyone!

I am Howard Cheng-Hao Shen and I am honored to be serving you as one of the three chairs of this year’s Human Rights Council, alongside two brilliant colleagues, Chloe and Benjamin.

I am from the Republic of China (Taiwan) and I am currently a first-year undergraduate student at Sciences Po Paris European-North American Program. I have participated in over 20 Model United Nations conferences fulfilling several roles, Delegate, Chair, Academic Secretary, and Secretary General, around the Greater China region. After being elected as President of the Club in my high-school sophomore year, I led the organization of Tainan Model United Nations as Secretary General, chaired three international conferences in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, and went back as Secretary General at Kaohsiung Model United Nations as my last conference in Taiwan.

Besides MUN, I am passionate about international relations, comparative government, British politics, recent Chinese history and politics, and astronomy. I love baseball and I have been binge-watching Brooklyn 99 and Suits lately.

Model United Nations taught me how to love the world we care and how to learn the way it works. I cannot wait to share it with all of you.

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