International Court of Justice

The International Court of Justice (ICJ), is the sole judicial organ of the United Nations. The ICJ is composed of 15 judges elected by the General Assembly for nine year terms. The sitting judges come from: Somalia, China, Slovakia, France, Morocco, Brazil, USA, Italy, Uganda, India, Jamaica, Australia, Russian Federation, Lebanon and Japan. The ICJ entertains both contentious cases and requests for advisory opinions.

Topic : Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (The Gambia v. Myanmar)

Meet the chairs:

Nadine Saris

Hi there!

I’m Nadine Saris and have received the honour of chairing the International Court of Justice (ICJ) committee together with Vincent Miča. 

I am a third year student at Leiden University College, majoring in International Justice. I have been participating in MUNs since 2014, fulfilling a variety of roles (delegate, chair, president of the GA and Head of Administration). I have been part of a wide variety of committees ranging from International Labour Organization to GA3 to the Security Council. My enthusiasm and passion for MUNs has developed more and more with each conference. MUNs have provided me with the mind-set to see both sides of a story and look past stereotypes and misconceptions, as well as becoming more accepting, which is vital in a society that is striving to create equality. 

So far the ICJ has been my favourite committee because it is different compared to the other committees, with very different rules of proceedings and a different style of debating. In addition, it enables me to use the theory from my bachelor and apply it in ‘real life’.

I am excited to meet all of you and wish that you will enjoy this experience as much as I always do.

Vincent Miča

Vincent Miča is a student at the Leiden University College, majoring in international justice. He comes from the Czech Republic, however he hasn’t lived there much, spending most of his life abroad in Ukraine, Belarus, and most recently, Uzbekistan. As an ardent student of history, he likes to read non-fiction and classics in his spare time, though sadly, he is often preoccupied… by the latest hit show on Netflix. He is especially waiting for the new season of Mindhunter. 

Even though Vincent originally took up MUN as an excuse to dress up and meet exciting people in exciting locations, he has quickly developed a deep passion for MUN, and deep dislike for the word ‘fruitful’. He believes that through MUN one gains a truly international perspective, and learns the ability to view issues with both a critical and a compassionate lens. This acquired sense of purpose propelled him for the past seven years across three different continents, from one MUN conference to the next. You might have met him both at the high-school and university circuits, most recently in St. Gallen or in Bonn respectively. He wishes that all delegates at MUNOTH 2020 have a great experience, and that they enjoy everything the City of Peace and Justice has to offer. He is excited to work with all of the delegates in International Court of Justice and wishes them a wonderful debate!

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