North Atlantic Treaty Organization

The North Atlantic Council (also known as NATO) is an intergovernmental alliance concerned with military affairs. NATO implements the North Atlantic Treaty, signed in 1949. Currently, NATO is composed of 29 members. NATO’s main purpose is to safeguard the freedom and security of all its members by political and military means.

Topics :

  • NATO’s role in forestalling escalation in Baltics
  • The future of NATO’s external relations

Meet your Chair :

Diego Grippa

Hello! My name is Diego and I’ll be the Chair of NATO in MUNOTH 2020. I am Italian but was born in Slovenia, grew up in Belgium and now I live and study in the Netherlands. After a Bachelor in International Studies in The Hague, I am now doing a master in European Union Studies in Leiden. In the past, I participated in multiple MUN conferences including various editions of LIMUN and MUNOTH. Finally, I had the chance last year to serve as Secretary-General in the MUNOTH 2019 secretariat. In my experience, MUN is an excellent way to learn important skills while having fun and I hope this will be the case for you too! In my free time, I like rugby and always enjoy a nice cold (Belgian) beer! Hope to see many of you at MUNOTH 2020!

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