Welcome to Model United Nations of The Hague 2021: Challenges to Democracy. My name is Sunadda Damrongmanee and I am currently serving as Secretary General of MUNOTH 2021.

My Model United Nations journey began in 2013 when I first chose to participate in my first MUN conference in Bangkok, Thailand. I developed a great passion for MUN and being a part of the international community after regularly traveling to Singapore to participate in THIMUN. I went on to chair a variety of conferences in Southeast Asia before being elected Secretary General of Thailand International Model United Nations of 2017. Over the years MUN had inspired my decision to study abroad in The Hague where I eventually continued to participate in college level conferences in Europe and the United States. In 2018 I was awarded Best Delegate of MUNOTH’s Security Council and the Diplomacy Award in the Historical Security Council at Oxford International Model United Nations. I was then invited to take the position of Under-Secretary General for Finance of MUNOTH 2019 and we successfully organized the previous installment of this conference at Leiden University Campus The Hague.

This year as Secretary General, I aim to expand MUNOTH with the cooperation of my Secretariat and extend our outreach further across The Netherlands to ensure more participation from all universities in the country. Our conference also receives international participants from abroad each year and we would like to warmly welcome them to The Hague. Our goals leading up to the conference would be to provide you with the best of our services and consistent efficiency in the applications process.

This year’s theme ‘Challenges to Democracy’ was selected by our Secretariat team with the goal of tackling the current pressing issues concerning democracy across the globe. We aim to cover the question of reforming bodies and mechanisms of the United Nations, and reviewing the progress of the Sustainable Development Goals throughout this installment of MUNOTH.

We hope to see you in May!

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