Security Council

The United Nations Security Council is one of the six main organs of the United Nations and is the only organ able to take binding decisions. The organ is composed by 5 permanent members (so called P5), China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and 10 non-permanent members which are elected for a 2-years term by the General Assembly. Each member has a single vote, but each member of the P5 has the possibility to veto decisions.


  • The current situation in the Levant, with special regards to the increased US-Iran tensions
  • Territorial conflict in the South China Sea

Meet your chairs:

Lazare Benin

Lazare is a Politics and Economics student at UCL. His first contact with MUN goes back to when he was in high school which he attended both in France and Italy thereby enabling him to experience conferences abroad and different modus operandi very early in his MUN journey. Since then, he has built up on this and has served in nearly every quality, from delegate to Secretariat member, travelling across Europe. He decided it is now time for him to take part in the world of MUN in a slightly different manner transmitting what he learnt from MUN through signing up to the UCLMUN Volunteering Project.                                

 Aside MUN (some would not believe it, but there actually is a life aside MUN), you can easily spot him at other UCL societies’ events as he enjoys a variety of diverse activities, being curious and passionate about lots of different disciplines ranging from sports (among others handball, table tennis, running, tennis) to Mah-jong passing by more scholar subjects such as current affairs whether political or financial, History or languages. He is himself fluent in French, Italian, English (as well as Latin, but probably will never find ever another speaker) and took up the challenge to learn Mandarin before the end of the year in parallel to his course work and extra-curricular activities.                                                                                        

Wishing you a wonderful and memorable conference, he cannot wait to meet all of you and counts on you to restrain Jinping’s ambitions in the South China Sea!

Ryan Van Osch

Ryan is currently a third year student at Leiden University in the Netherlands, studying a bachelor of security studies. Born and raised in a small village in the Netherlands he is now heavily involved in its local politics joining at an early age and is currently an active city councilmember. Ryan decided to join his first MUN in a split second decision and has enjoyed every minute of it thus far. Besides studying and working in politics, Ryan loves spending time with his horses and being with nature. He is excited to be chairing at MUNOTH 2020 and looks forward to seeing you all there!

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