Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Eligibility

Stichting Model United Nations of The Hague (hereinafter the MUNOTH Foundation) annually organizes an event dedicated to university students. Thus, the general principle is such that all applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program and should be between 18 and 28 years old.

The MUNOTH Foundation reserves the right to consider applicants who do not fulfill the general conditions on a case-by-case basis. If an individual applicant is marginally under or over age but shows great potential, the MUNOTH Foundation may accept the applicant. An underage, or slightly over age, applicant that is part of a delegation may also be considered, although the responsibility for said participant to abide by the social honour code of the Faculty Advisor or, in case the delegation is not accompanied by a member of Faculty, the Head Delegate.

For more information regarding the Code of Conduct, see article 6.

2. Registration

Registration for the conference will be done through Google Forms for the 2021 edition. All registrations are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. No applicant will receive allocation until an acceptance email has been sent and the payments received from said email.

The MUNOTH Foundation reserves the right to reject any applicant who may not meet the requirements set forth in these terms, or has not shown sufficient motivation and commitment to the conference. The MUNOTH Foundation welcomes all applicants to apply, regardless of the level of expertise that one might possess.

3. Registration types, fees and payment

The registration fee of €19.95 per person is mandatory and must be paid before you will receive your allocation.

The registration fee can be paid via the link sent in your acceptance email. If payment is made by other methods in rare circumstances, the proof of payment must be sent to the MUNOTH email address for confirmation.

The fee will cover the conference equipment, printed materials, merchandise, and mailing of delegate packages.

4. Payment, Cancellations and Refunds

By applying for MUNOTH, the applicant confirms his/her attendance during the conference, and the organizing committee will begin to make preparations for the delegate. No refunds can be provided due to legal restrictions unless it is within the most exceptional of circumstances.

MUNOTH cannot be held responsible for denials or cancellations of visa for The Netherlands.

The MUNOTH Secretariat only has financial authority for the duration of the one-year mandate of its members for the current year of planning. This entails that no retroactive payments related to its previous editions can be issued by the MUNOTH Secretariat of the current year. All financial obligations and matters must be considered within the year that those said obligations applied. A year, in this context, is regulated by the academic year of the secretariat’s members. The specific date of transferring the mandate of secretariat’s members is outlined by the signing of the relevant individual contracts of authority transfer of the Director, Treasurer and Secretary.

5. Visa Letters and their issuing

The MUNOTH Foundation can issue invitational letters upon request and need for participants´ visa applications. Said letters may only be issued once the applicant is registered and accepted, and the MUNOTH Foundation has received payment of the registration fee of said participant.

The MUNOTH Foundation bears no responsibility for the rejection of a participants’ visa. The refund deadlines outlined in article 4 apply. All applicants are highly advised to check relevant visa regulations from their home countries to The Netherlands.

6. Code of conduct

All participants of MUNOTH are bound to the code of conduct of the conference, as well as Dutch national law.

It is up to the discretion of the MUNOTH Foundation to prohibit certain actions which may be tolerated under national law. Said specific prohibitions include the use of substances which is prohibited by the MUNOTH secretariat at all times. Any participant who abuses substances (defined here as drugs) for the duration of the conference as a whole may be removed as a participant entirely without receiving a certificate of participation.

The age restriction for the consumption of alcohol is set at 18, as prescribed by Dutch law. The MUNOTH secretariat reserves the right to remove any participant who shows significant signs of being under the influence of alcohol which may inhibit their participation in session or may cause discomfort to other participants. The MUNOTH Foundation reserves the right to decide upon said individual´s participation for the rest of the conference.

All MUNOTH participants bear responsibility for their personal property and actions. The MUNOTH Foundation bears no responsibility in the case of damage or loss of property. MUNOTH participants are obliged to follow the Dutch law, and are responsible for themselves throughout their travels and the duration of their stay in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Delegations must be accompanied by a Head Delegate and/or Faculty Advisor who bears overall responsibility for the well-being of the delegations’ members. The Head Delegate and/or Faculty Advisor serves as the primary means of communication between the secretariat and the delegations’ members in the case of logistical questions or issues.

The MUNOTH Foundation obliges to providing the needed means, support to the best of the Secretariat´s ability and contacts in case of emergency for the duration of the conference for all its participants.

All MUNOTH participants must operate under the terms and conditions set forth by the MUNOTH Foundations, as well as the Code of Conduct outlined in greater detail in the Rules of Procedure of the conference which will be available in due time.

The MUNOTH Foundation reserves the right to adopt, strike and/or change the provisions laid out in its Terms and Conditions, and Code of Conduct specified in the Rules of Procedure.

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