Under-Secretary-General for Logistics and Finances

Hello! My name is Ilka Rodriguez, and I come from Panama, a very small country that connects North and South America. I am currently a second-year student of International Relations and Organizations at Leiden University in The Hague. When I was in high school, I discovered MUN, an activity which helped me become a much more confident person and understand better real life situations. I am very passionate about debating and getting to know other people’s perspectives. I have been to several national and international conferences where not only have I acquired knowledge, but also made new friendships.

As the Under Secretary General for Logistics, I will be your main general-inquiry contact point. My role includes taking care of all the logistical details of the conference, making sure the conference offers the participants good quality merchandise, and solving any general issue that you may encounter along the way. Additionally, I will be answering your concerns regarding visas to the Netherlands.

We are working hard to give all, delegates and chairs, a great MUN experience. Personally, I am putting effort into the conference to make sure other students have the opportunity to acquire knowledge, have fun, and make friends. I am eager to see you soon at MUNOTH 2021!

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